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I've seen a lot of people in the past week that I haven't seen in months. It was a nice feeling. I like summer a lot.

But September cannot come any faster. I cannot wait to move back into my dorm and live with two of the greatest friends a girl could have. Its nice having people who care from you sleep like 3 feet away. A sleepover every night.

I do want to get closer with all the friends who have slipped away over the past few years. And not just when I'm drunk at some party.

Nick starts midnights on Monday night. 6pm to 5 am. Sweet. I'm nervous for the sake of our relationship, which I don't know if it is strong enough to get through it. But I'm excited to have all the extra time and to find Lauren Tackett again. I'm not the same happy girl I used to be back in 11th grade. I miss here, and I will find her in the next few months.

Moral of the story: CALL ME. Cause I love you all and I want to hang out <3
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