.for the believers of rock n roll. (hitormiss) wrote,
.for the believers of rock n roll.

Life.. is.. eh.
I am in a rut, and I need out.
St. Patricks day was one of the best nights in a looooooooong time. I was very very very drunk with all these crazy nice people. The worst part was working at night and feeling like shit once the alcohol wore off.
I dropped my physics class. It was a peice o shit. I still need to to get my degree though. FUCKITY FUCK.
Hung out with Marcy last night. It was a lot of fun. I now remember why we used to get a long so well. She is one of the few people that will just do random shit no matter how crazy it may be or how much money it may cost. I like that about people.
I quit Petsmart. I am going back in the summer or I am going to volunteer like 380752305 hours to the hospital. I need to start getting ready for med school.
I think I am falling out of love with Nick... I think I am over it. He has is priorities (sex, girls, porn, food, baseball) and I have mine (studying, friends, family, work, sorority). They do not overlap and lead not to a lot of fights, but one or two blow outs that g one for days. A la, the one we are having right now.
I do not like two faced people. Everyone loves a little bit of gossip, but be real about it. The things that I say I can say to someone's face.
I have the travel itch really bad. Mexico is in 30 days, but I want to go farther. Austrlia, Europe, anywhere. I want to move, I am so ready to move to Boston and start grad or med school. I will miss a lot of people here but it would be fun for a change of pace. I will probably want to move again after a while of being there, but thats ok.
I will be sooo excited when April is over and I can enjoy a fun sun filed summer.
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