.for the believers of rock n roll. (hitormiss) wrote,
.for the believers of rock n roll.

I'm a very jealous person. I am realizing that.

I am really jealous that I can't be part of the group that I love. I miss Katie, Paige, Marcy, Stephanie and all of them. But when I am with them, I feel lost. It is my fault, that I know, but I really don't have anything in my life right now that I can give up to make more time. I need work and money and I need school. Those two things right there pretty much take up 30 hrs of my 24 hour day.

Caitlin's bday is this week. YAY big 20. Tonight is Carrie's house which I hope to attend. BUT I do have a huge bio lab practical tomorrow. boo.

Kevin has made me question myself a lot lately. He says that he has always known since he was little that he would be something great. Then you have me, I can't imagine myself doing one great thing. I want to go to medical school, but I know that is less likely than snakes flying. So where does that leave me? With a biochem degree and 2 dead end jobs at Petsmart and Applebbes? Who knows.

On a good note, I <3 my sorority sisters. Without them I think I would spirl into madness some days. I got my new little. She is as cute as the last one. She also is probably one of the smartest people I know while still being down to earth. I told her she needs to drop out of the PA program and she needs to go to medical school herself.

Ohhh well. ITS ALMOST THANKSGIVING! yayayay. I'm excited for the break from school :)
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