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I only write when I bitch...

...but thats the point of this journal.

I think me and Nick are close to done. This relationship resolves me of any extra energy I may have. I hate wasting it on arguing with him to try to be the #1 in his life. That should be a given. But no, I'm not a myspace slut and I'm kinda fat therefore I am unsuitable to be a girl he likes. Whatever. Over it.

I'm sick of working 40+ hrs and carrying 19 credit hours at school. I work more hours than most adults. WTF. I have no social life whatsoever. I'm sick of it. I deserve something better. I want to see all my friends. Paige, Caitlin, Linda, Allison. I miss you, I'm sorry for not being around.

I'm watching life pass me by. And I'm not in it. I'm on the side lines crying because my boyfriend's a dick or because money is so tight I wonder how do I pay for the extra classes.

When do I get a break? A small pat on the back. Something to tell me that everything will work out in the end. I want some kind of reassurance because right now I feel like a big void.

Something has got to give.
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