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Christmas, you sucked this year.

I didn't get to ice skate downtown in front of the huge tree.
I didnt get to walk down the boardwalk by the river with snow up to my ankles while snuggling into scarfs and mittens and drinking a latte.
I didn't watch a Muppets Christmas Carol.
Hell, I didn't even watch Home alone.
I haven't seen my dad's family in 4 years or so on xmas.
Me and Nick are fighting of course.
My parents are broke and I feel terrible that they feel terrible.
There is no snow and yesterday, I walked around in a tshirt outside.
There was no Christmas Eve Celebration over here.
There was no friend secret santa.

Better times have passed I guess.

BUT, Through all my complaints, I am happy that I get to spend time with my mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law, and niece. I love them and I missed them <3 And I have got to see and hang out with so many wonderful people these 2 weeks, it makes everythig better.

MERRY CHRISTMAS. 2007, grab your balls, here we come!
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